A Gammut of Poems · It's Only a Journey Babe!


Black women
Malaysian artist Jason Siwe work entitled Strike A Pose 

He said baby I want all your time,

No honey you can’t have my time,

Oh no it belongs to me.

No matter the countless doors you open and close.

I’ve opened my share,

Shattered finger bones…

Keeping them open.

I’ve seen locks rusted over,

The key wrapped in white washed sands at the bottom of the sea.

Voyaged for five years,

Only to find a duplicate behind the mailbox.

I’ve been paid in the shiniest of diamonds,

The softest furs.

My time belongs to me.

My legs quaking like the wings of a butterfly,

Borrowed time,

Oh no?

 Mine is still…well…mine.

My brow lined with pearls of sweat from worry of my seeds,

Their soft baby breath confirms time belongs to me.

You can’t will me to conceive time doesn’t belong to me.


Written By Life Writez

Happy New Year!!! Thank you for reading:)


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